Denis de Souza

Hollywood-based celebrity colorist Denis de Souza is the Brand Ambassador for LumiShine®. Denis is known as the ‘King of Color’ in celebrity circles! He rose to fame as the innovator of the ultra-natural effortlessly exotic, sun-strewn look, for which he drew his inspiration from the Southern California sunshine. Rachel Bilson was his first celebrity client and it was with her that he created his signature look which became recognized worldwide as sombré. His career went from zero to 100 overnight after she left the salon, and over 30 paparazzi took photos of her! Denis has since then colored many other famous ladies such as Rumer Willis, Madonna, Kate Mara and Mila Kunis.

I love everything about LumiShine® – the rich color it offers, the sweet scent that gives me the ability to elevate my clients’ experience from start to finish, not to mention the easy-to-apply consistency. Its versatility is perfect for master colorists, yet so easy to use it’s primed for younger colorists as well – you name it, LumiShine® will give it to you. Above it, the resulting color! The shine and healthy hair I see in my clients, impresses each and every time.

He finds inspiration everywhere he goes: models, actors, movies, fashion, Instagram. But he says that in order to create a trend you have to really feel what would look absolutely best on your client’s hair. Trends are to be set and not followed. What looks great on someone you see, a lot of times would look not good on you, that’s why it’s best to always go with what enhances someone’s natural beauty.

The Products


LumiShine® consists out of a permanent crème color and a demi-permanent liquid color, and NEW dimensional deposit demi-permanent crème shades. With these colors JOICO offers professionals the easiest possible color solution for every salon service and hair type imaginable.



The new silver-blue based demi-permanent liquid shades deliver the iciest, coolest results. They can do it all: to tone platinum blondes, cancel unwanted warmth on dark blondes, or eliminate even the slightest bit of brass on the deepest brunette and black hair.




This LumiShine® color family consists of natural base tones that are infused with radiant warmth and reflections of gold. They cover gray naturally while delivering long-lasting and luminous results.



note: The shades can only be used on hair that is no more than two levels above the client’s starting level.

LumiShine® Blue Ash series

The Blue Ash series is a collection of the coolest blue-ash shades that lift hair without any unwanted warmth for dependable cool deposit in one step. The collection gives hairdressers that ultimate control over undesirable orangey-red and brassy-yellow undertones. The Blue Ash shades are not intended for 100% gray coverage.**


**Add the same percentage of the LumiShine® Natural Series/N/.0 as gray present for complete gray coverage results.


Check out the LumiShine® color swatches on the JOICO Europe Professional website.



LumiShine® transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology. This technology fuses the power of three proven advanced complex formulas to repair hair damage and lock in exceptional color, vibrancy and shine. As a result overall healthier hair is guaranteed!

Technology number 1


Unlike traditional haircolors that deplete arginine (an amino acid essential to hair’s health) LumiShine® replenishes 100% of the arginine the hair-coloring process strips away. Feel instantly restrenghtened hair by experiencing reduced breakage!
Arginine also drives color molecules deep into the hair’s cortex resulting in longer-lasting, fade-resistant color results!
Finally, arginine works as a mild alkalizer meaning that it reduces the amount of ammonia needed to color hair. Improving stylist and client comfort during the color service!

Technology number 2


This conditioning shield surrounds the hair shaft to nourish and protect color-treated hair resulting in a moisturized, ultimately soft and brilliant shiny result.

technology number 3


The Quadramine Complex®, a blend of amino acids, ensures maximum protection and reconstruction from cuticle to cortex, guaranteeing healthy-looking hair after every single color service.

Color Insurance

To ensure the longevity of your glossy color it is recommended to use the K-Pak Color Therapy regimen. These products can be used as an after-color service and for home maintenance. JOICO color care products are designed to make brilliant color results last and last!

Read more about these products on the JOICO website.

Shine, Sealed, Delivered!

K-pak color therapy


In these videos celebrity colorist Denis de Souza introduces LumiShine® and teaches you an inspiring creative technique for using LumiShine®.

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“LumiShine™ is a great new color line that doubles the shine of any color process. Me and my clients love the smell. I’ve had fantastic results with both permanent and demi-permanent: hair feels soft,
nourished and strong.”

I use half of 6NG and half of 5N. I then balayaged her midshaft and ends using Verolight powder with 9% smudging roots into the bleach to give a stretched root color melt.
I then finished by glazing her blonde with 9NWB.

Luke Christou,
Hairdresser from London, UK

“LumiShine™ changed my philosophy about coloring hair. Using this color is simple and easy but it does at the same time offer a lot of possibilities for creating great looks. Also it keeps hair healthy and shiny! The formula that I used: 6RR / 5RR / 5N on a natural 6


This new coloring system made a lot hairdressers, who were not yet familiar with JOICO, fall in love with the brand. For me LumiShine ™ has all the power of reconstructive color. LumiShine is JOIcolor, it´s all about healthy hair, it´s all about shiny hair… it works.”

Newley d’Angelis,
JOICO Educator and hairdresser, Spain

“I have the new LumiShine™ color line of JOICO in my salon and I am thrilled by the exceptional shine LumiShine™ delivers…and the hair looks so enormously healthy, no matter if you use the permanent crème colors or the demi-permanent liquids. I saw one of my clients 2 weeks after coloring her hair and the results were still like the hair had just been colored.

To keep the color vibrancy it’s important to use K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner at home. Then you will enjoy your new color even longer! What I also liked about LumiShine™ is the fragrance. You almost smell no ammonia! This is a big advantage for myself as a hairdresser and for my guests in the chair”.

Max Höhn,
JOICO Brand Ambassador from Berlin, Germany

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